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Concept device Just Flex It

Future technology Concept device  Just Flex It

Just Flex It device is lightweight and perfect for travelers who require both a phone and something a little more extensive. When using the bigger ‘tablet,’ the smaller screen shuts off to save power. Not only does it keep the user organized and in touch with friends and family, it also comes in a very stylish package that seems inspired by Apple’s own products. The device had to be used com...

A futuristic Concept marine two-seater vehicle 2040.


Innovative conceptions inspired by biological organisms are not actually a new notion in the field of transportation.  The ambitious project encompasses a concept marine vehicle for efficacious yet sustainable maneuvering under the water. Visually akin to a whale, the aesthetically pleasing demeanor of the mechanical contraption fuses well with its overall white-black color scheme. The naturalist...

Concept for Future Eco Drive Monorail.


Amazing concept of the railway infrastructure of the future. Efficient operation of old and new. Two trains move in one direction, or may move in different directions. As well as trains rush through the old familiar railway. So, the Eco Drive Monorail (EDM) will expand the existing rail network which has struggled to keep up with high demand at peak commuter times. It offers a range of environment...

Future Transportation


Bloom” reflects the eco thinking of the society. To break the gruff merge between eco tech and super yacht design I create the concept yacht “Bloom” try to mix the Eco Tech Yacht’s Function and Appearance with Nature in a harmonious way. As same as the Netherlands traditional windmill “Bloom” is not just a super yacht for the owner but also one floating landmark in harmony with the soc...

The Future of Train Transportation


Public transport may allow sustainable commutation but passengers have to compromise with comfort and privacy while traveling by a bus or a train. Developed by Russian designer Vitaly Kamyshev, the “Bombardier” is a personal coach compartment that not only allows privacy but also adds luxury to the public transport. Accommodating one person in utmost comfort, the individual compartment include...

Automotive design. First Photos of Renault DeZir concept future car.


Renault is breaking away from the angular styling favored by its former design chief, Patrick Le Quement. The French company will show a concept car that highlight’s the brand’s more emotional design at the Paris auto show in October. (more…)

E.capsule concept Energy is everywhere, Designer Alex Dumler


The E.Capsule replaces the current gas stations with energy stations in a form of a tree that can generate and accumulate energy into a reusable capsule to empower a two person future vehicle. The smaller and more flexible stations uses rain, wind and sun power to generate energy and stores them into the e.capsule that can be easily plugged in the specially designed vehicle containing four spots f...

Vertical parking system


Take your car to play in the parking lot. Meanwhile it can go power supplied and you can go greener. All this works using only solar energy. Parking vertically is the best way to increase the number of vacancies in a parking lot. The relationship is 3 cars to 1. This means that where formerly 1 car parked horizontally, now permit 3 cars vertically. Just be careful not to leave your things loose in...