Car tires of the future

Car tires of the future

Literally every month there is an incredible number of car concepts that impress with their futuristic design, stuffing and capabilities. Admiring cars of the future, few people think about, what will be with car tires. And nevertheless already today a lot of the most improbable models are offered – technological, reliable, harmless – which destroy the established stereotypes about tires.
The French company Michelin introduced a new concept of airless tires of a new generation. They will change the picture, adjusting to the road conditions. The new technology of airless tires Vision will allow the owner of the car to save on seasonal change of rubber – the picture on the tire can be changed if necessary most.
Presented by the tire company concept – in fact, the visualization of the distant future, a prototype of the tire, which, according to Michelin’s concept, can be used on cars in a few dozen years. She is devoid of pneumatics, but this time, developing the honeycomb structure of the tire, the company’s engineers used as an example what nature itself has created-in particular, the coral structure.
For the production of Vision tires, fully decomposable biomaterials will be used, for example, bamboo, paper, wood, cardboard, orange peel and natural rubber. Vision airless tires will be print on 3D printers – this will allow designers to monitor the required amount of rubber and a pattern on the tire, thus prolonging its service life. It is expected that the life of the tire will be about 10-15 years, and after her can be recycled. Future technology Car tires of the future

As representatives Michelin mark, airless tire Vision can not burst, nor take off. In addition, she is designed in such a way that the rigid material in the center of the tire becomes softer and more flexible as it approaches the outer radius. Manufacturers also plan to incorporate special sensors into the tires, which will remind the driver that it’s time to change the pattern. And of course, you can track all the necessary information using the application on your mobile phone. The car owner can also change the picture using 3D printing technology.
In addition, Michelin believes that in the future thanks to the latest materials, the tires will become noticeably less noisy than now. This should improve the comfort of movement, including in unmanned cars where, in theory, acoustic comfort will be more important than in the current transport. Future technology Car tires of the future Future technology Car tires of the future
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