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Capture All Your Exploits with Helmet Cameras

Capture All Your Exploits with Helmet Cameras

With social networking exploding, more and more people are sharing their videos online and in other venues. At one time, recording your own exploits was difficult if you participated in highly active sports. Helmet cameras  have changed the game, though. Whether you are scaling a treacherous rock face or navigating the rapids, helmet cameras offer you a hands-free way to record and share all the action. Even if you stick with tamer activities, a helmet mounted camera can be a fun addition to your arsenal.

The best videos require the most appropriate cameras. Thus, there are a few things you should consider when in the market for a helmet camera.


  • What Can You Afford to Invest? One of the top considerations when you are browsing helmet cameras is price. Less expensive models are priced well under a hundred dollars while more expensive models will run well into the thousands. The type of camera you ultimately select will depend on what you can afford to invest. With the wide range of helmet cameras available, it should be fairly easy to find something to suit your needs.
  • What Will You Be Using It For? Perhaps you are not into sports and simply wish to record exploits from your point of view. Obviously, you will not need the same type of camera a die-hard sports enthusiast might require. For tamer exploits, you can use a simple point of view (POV) helmet camera. These cameras can be mounted on a helmet, the handlebars of your bike, or your car. A simple standard definition camera is all you need to capture video for scenes without much action. If you will be covering your more active pursuits, though, you might consider investing in a high definition camera instead.
  • Where and Will You Be Using It? If you will be using your camera in rugged outdoor type environments, you will need to choose a camera that can withstand the punishment. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and whitewater rafting require waterproof as well as shockproof helmet cameras. Be sure to pay special attention to the water depth restrictions of your camera.
  • What Have Others Said about It? After you have narrowed your choices down to a few selections, do your research. Read as many consumer reviews as possible to get the most complete picture of your potential camera’s capabilities. There is nothing worse than purchasing a camera that does not suit your needs and having to endure the hassle of returning it.
  • Some Basic Must Haves… Battery life is important when selecting a camera. After all, you do not want your adventure cut short because your battery died. Handling and operating the camera should be as simple as possible, especially if you are recording high energy sports action. Also consider whether you will be frequently recording in low light situations, and choose the best camera for those conditions as well.

Helmet cameras allow you to easily share all your adventures with your family and friends. Even with educational outings, reviewing the video sometimes reveals detail you may have missed. You will find that helmet cameras open up an entire world of possibilities that you never considered.

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