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Concept the humanoid robot, that is able to sweat


To solve the problem of overheating the internal parts of the robot, engineers often develop complex and very expensive cooling system. Japanese researchers approached the problem creatively and have created a robot that … sweats. Progress on the modern technology market – it’s a battle between what is working well and what is the cheapest way to produce on an industrial scale. As a rule,wins re…

Innovative flexible keyboard with built-in mini-PCs


Portable computer habitual interpretation increasingly represent an array of multiple devices. Often, in they are inserted touchscreen, thereby replacing the plate or screen / projector, which serves as a monitor. Mini PC Vensmile K8 also combines other equally useful device,for the comfortable work at a computer.Front panel desktop Vensmile K8 is nothing but a touchpad that recognizes up to ten s…

The prototype of motorcycle of the future from BMW


On the centenary of his birthday carmaker BMW has created a prototype of the motorcycle of the future. Moreover, according to engineers, it is not just a conceptual model,the task which show at auto shows, their creation is nothing more than a look at the development of the motorcycle industry in the next hundred years.In the futuristic design Motorrad Vision Next 100 lies a triangular base, which…

Concept of flexible display for Xiaomi smartphone


There are all prerequisites to say that we are on the eve of an era of flexible displays. And it is not only those that are bent at the edges, and those,that will create flexible smartphones, bracelets or even fold them in half.The advantages of such screens are obvious: due to the possibility to roll a display, in any gadget you can set the display that is larger than the size of the device. Actu…

Concept 2030 Pagani Ganador


It presents a concept car with wind turbines in the wheels“Pagani on Le Mans!” And a cars,which involved in these races – can becoming a marker of development of those or other technologies, the quality of the engine oil and gasoline, convenience salons, wear resistance of advanced materials in the construction of cars and buses. On the following race a designer Igor Zhukovsky offered his own …

Electric bike with a range of 240 kilometers of travel


Subsidiary Greyp Bikes, the Croatian Rimac Automobili has declared that it is ready to launch a new electric bike G12H, which is able to travel on a single charge of 240 kilometers. Electric bike equipped with a battery capacity of 3 kW * h and can accelerate to 45 km / h, but other characteristics of transport has not yet been disclosed. There are suggestions that the new product is designed on t…

6 Wearable Concepts


Simple fitness trackers are giving way to smart watches as the wearables trend picks up steam. Designers and tech wizards are gazing into the future and finding more ways to use microprocessors to enhance people’s lives. What’s next in the realm of tiny gadgets? The projects that are in the works encompass everything from socks to handbags and offer features from mindfulness meditation to lingui…

Concept Rinspeed Oasis – a garden on wheels


Self-driving cars of the future won’t need to be configured on the inside the way they are now, since things like steering columns won’t be required. Electric drive trains will also help maximize available interior space, so it makes sense that cars will look dramatically different inside and out when the two things combine, as they seem inevitably on track to do.Usually, the “green car” refer…

Concept Hydrogen car Toyota FCV Plus


At the Paris Motor Show carmaker Toyota has demonstrated its car of the future – FCV Plus with futuristic design that runs on hydrogen fuel cells. The machine is able to generate the necessary energy for operation of the hydrogen which is not only inside but outside of the vehicle. In addition, FCV Plus not greedy and can share electricity with other cars or even for home. That is, it is also a mo…

Concept iPhone Home Retro Futuristic


The idea of an classic phone for home without a sim card, but with all features of an modern iPhone or iPod Touch. These a modern phone with old known optical properties which shows that it belongs to the home.Dubbed the iPhone Home, the handset keeps the nifty screen of the iPhone, but adds the huge earpiece at the top and a base that’s used to charge the phone and possibly transmit data to it….