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Concept Nokia Prism Plain Weird


This Nokia concept phone is a bit out there, as far as weirdness goes. It’s called Nokia Prism. The execution of the Nokia Prism phone is flawless. This prism-shaped phone looks good only as a piece of art nouveau and only when seen from the backThe problem with the Nokia Prism is that it has those sharp and angular corners and edges, making it not very comfy to hold, actually not comfy at all. …

Concept iPod Shuffle 2016


The designer Giorgi Tedoradze decided to imagine a circular iPod Shuffle. The wheel is in the “center” of this concept, offering one of the most singular interface with its round touch screen that disappears under the ring of the wheel. And given the reports available, the interface seems more successful.This player has a compact and modern design approach, with a round format, that makes it feel …

Table or a Tablet


Forget the iPad Pro! Meet the CROSS2DESIGN Smart Table! Just as it sounds, this interesting marriage of two unlike objects is a hybrid table and tablet in one.Of course, the design can be used as a surface for working… but it can also be used to watch entertainment, surf the web, organize ideas, collaboration, educate kids, or even for gaming! Touch-sensitive, it’s easy to access programs and …

The first passenger the train of the future on hydrogen


The electric vehicles have a number of advantages over hydrogen counterparts, but environmentally friendly fuel are actively interested on the railroad. Already in 2017, in Germany, will begin to run the world’s first passenger train on hydrogen, developed by engineers of the French company Alstom. Lokomotiv Coradia iLint accelerates to 140 km / h and can travel on a full tank of 600 to 800 kilome…

Concept tattoo touchpads to control gadgets

Future technology Concept tattoo touchpads to control gadgets

Tattoos thing more and more popular in today’s society. Meanwhile, American technology could do so,that with the help of tattoos it could be interact with the smartphone.Engineers of laboratory MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in collaboration with Microsoft Research experts have created output tattoos DuoSkin, which turn the skin into the user interface.This project has …

Dynamics Concept Earphones

Future technology Dynamics Concept Earphones

Dynamic concept earphones offer universal products for everyone to enjoy music. Concept earphones project developed for JBL on behalf of Harman International. JBL always created versatile products, easy to use, comfortable and designed to can be the perfect products for everyone, no matter sex no matter age, no matter when and where. After months of researches and medical consulting, the goal was …

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

Future technology iPhone 8 Concept

The following iPhone 8 concept is a very interesting machine, because not only it goes back to the glass body, but it also integrates stereo speakers like those on the iPad Pro.This iPhone is 30% slimmer, has a new display size to fit the 16:9 resolution and it also brings forth wireless charging. There’s still a fingerprint scanner here, embedded within the Home button and we get a 4K camera wi…

Future technology GT Concept Car

Future technology GT Concept Car

Gran Turismo in that interpretation is a top level hypercar that you can use for everyday life. These types of cars reflect simplicity and functionality in their form language.The key element that makes this GT concept different from other concepts is the window cover panels that can slide through the back of the car and can transfer to aerodynamic element. These panels can increase the stability …

The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Future technology The future of architecture Rising house, which themselves can be repaired

Military research agency DARPA is investing in technologies,that will create materials,that will grow on command, and independently be to repaired, if damaged.Now all building materials is quite difficult to manufacture, transport and assemble. Moreover, they deteriorate and disintegrate over time. The idea of DARPA is to create materials that can grow by acquiring the specified form, to repair th…

The best concepts of space habitat systems

Future technology The best concepts of space habitat systems

NASA’s, making plans to commit in the near future flight of astronauts to the other objects in the solar system, announced a competition for the creation of a space station capable of supporting human life in more or less comfortable conditions for a long time. The program NextSTEP-2 has selected six promising in the opinion of specialists NASA space concepts dwellings provided by private companie…