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Biological Concept of Future: Microbial Home by Philips

Biological Concept of Future: Microbial Home by Philips

The Microbial Home project is part of the Philips Design Probes program, which explores far future lifestyle scenarios based on research in a wide range of areas. The Microbial Home Design Probe consists of a domestic ecosystem that challenges conventional design, it’s a proposal for an integrated cyclical ecosystem where each function’s output is another’s input.

Microbial Home1

The Bio-digester island, a kitchen island that consists of a methane “digester” which converts bathroom waste solids and vegetable trimmings into methane gas which is then used to power a series of functions in the home.

Microbial Home3Microbial Home2Microbial Home4

The Larder concept challenges our use of refrigeration and food storage and presents ways to keep “living food” fresh, by using natural processes.

Microbial Home 41Microbial Home 42Microbial Home 43

Urban beehive, with perishing bee colonies threatening our food supply.

Microbial Home 32Microbial Home 31

The Bio-light concept explores the use of bio-luminescent bacteria fed with methane and composted material.

Microbial Home 22

A waste separating squatting toilet that filters effluent while channeling excreta to a methane digester in the Microbial Home system.

Microbial Home 61Microbial Home 62

The Paternoster plastic waste up-cycler is a concept that uses mycelium to break down plastic packaging waste.

Microbial Home 51

Apothecary concept for home-centered health monitoring and diagnosis, with the focus on early warning and prevention of disease.

Microbial Home 71
Via yankodesign.com

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  • Uncle B

    December 11th, 2011 at 9:22 pm

    For a less dramatic, more realistic, down to earth, “how To” Google Gobar Gas. Ontario dairy farmer currently provides all power for his farm operations, his home, and still has methane for great methane burning engines, to generate power to export to the “Grid”. Apparently the sludge remaining after gas generation is still a good top-soil building fertilizer too! Full Cycle! Mother Nature’s way!
    U.S. Factory Farms not too bright apparently! They waste valuable fuel by missing out on anaerobic manure digestion for Methane gas? This stuff can even be bottled in “Propane Bottles” and sold for a good buck!
    Canada needs a law to ensure all manure, even humanure is made into methane, and fertilizer!
    U.S.A. needs same? Hell No! Far to progressive for the American mind!

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