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Beach Ball concept solar generator.

Beach Ball concept solar generator.

Designed by industrial designer Tony Leung, the Beach Ball is a concept solar energy generating system for Abu Dhabi. The system features photovoltaic panels contained within an inflatable clear latex material. Once inflated, the latex material forms a ball which is stabilized by the counterweight bottom cap and a base station.

Future of technology beach balls

The photovoltaic films are weaved into a stretched membrane that is tilted at 25 degrees for maximum solar exposure. When deflated the tilt angle of the PV films will be zero. Each ball carries 3sqm photovoltaic cells and can generate about 200W of electrical power. The base cap of each ball contains LED lighting, air valve and silicon cable connectors which provide flexible cable movement.

Future of technology beach ballsFuture of technology beach balls

The energy generated by these Beach Balls is supplied to the base station, which is buried 1 meter under the ground. This station provides anchors for five to six Beach Balls and converts electricity from DC to AC before transmitting it to the grid. After dark these Beach Balls are illuminated by LED lighting installed on each base cap, which helps produce a moving landscape along the highway.

Future of technology beach balls

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