Another concept Google Glass

Another concept Google Glass

Points Google Glass, which are developed in the laboratories of Google X, still seem to be a guest of the sci-fi movies. The company has demonstrated a working prototype of the device, but in its existence would not believe it. Meanwhile, engineers Google continue to work on the project, improving a functionality and making it fantastic.
One of the features of Google Glass is the ability to use them to make phone calls. But before the makers rises a problem – how to implement a set of numbers. Google engineers have found a solution – integrated in glasses laser keyboard is projected onto any surface. Such a surface may be, for example, by palm. Future technology Another concept Google Glass

According to the developers at Google Glass will be installed laser projector, and for fingers  the user’s  will follow camera. The patent shows an image of the numeric keypad, but perhaps the projection and its QWERTY-version or of any graphical interface.
Laser keyboard can never appear in the Google Glass, if the company can find an alternative solution to the problem input. In any case, the idea of ​​using in glasses yet another innovative technology looks good for the whole project.   Future technology Another concept Google Glass

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