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Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept

Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept

The round shape is not just a visual experience, but also forms the optimal exit point for sound. The Acoustic Lab Zeta 2.0 Digitally Matched speaker set, incorporating beautiful design, and crystal clear stereo sound through a completely linear sound spectrum. The round, strong and organically shaped speakers completely removes all parallel surfaces and thereby eliminates the usual noise nuisance one would get from standing waves in a cabinet. By using the included rubber ring stand the speakers can be placed in a variety of ways: From the desktop with the PC or by the shelf with the IPod or HiFi.

Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept7

The Zeta speaker is very versatile, which makes it possible to reproduce instruments and vocal with a very close and natural tone.

Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept1Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept4Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept2Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept5Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept3Acoustic Lab Zeta Speaker Concept6
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