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A novel concept for the elderly Quey Phone!

A novel concept for the elderly Quey Phone!

The older generation and new technologies Is very difficult to reconcile. Simple and intuitive interface, large screen and convenient buttons. All this is in Quey Phone: A novel concept for the elderly. The phone has given multifunctional keys a miss, a source of high confusion. All the keys are placed in a spacious manner, which will offer easy usage just like a QWERTY keypad. Future tehnology quey phone

The green button will be used to answer a call and the red one to hang-up/disconnect. The scroll button has been painted in a yellow hue for easy recognition. The cell phone also has OK and back keys, which will make it  user-friendly, matt E-Ink screen, which will offer a crisp display. For the elderly will be very pleased to communicate with each other.
The designer  from Amazon Kindle and Rams’ Braun Calculator.   Future tehnology quey phone Future tehnology quey phone

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