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5D-drives store data on billions of years

5D-drives store data on billions of years

Scientists of Center for the Study of optics at the University of Southampton reported that they were able to improve the data recording technology in five dimensions. Data carriers are not only able to survive the human race, but also store vast amounts of information in a compact size.
Data is recorded on the thermally stable disc using ultrashort pulses of femtosecond lasers. On one disc can fit 360 terabytes of data, in this case he does not get damage even at temperatures up to 1000 degrees. At room temperature, the carrier material will decompose over 13.8 billion. years.
Each file consists of three layers of nanostructures disposed in a traditional three dimensions. In this matter and their a sizes with directions, so scientists use the term 5D. Nanostructures change the polarization of light passing through the disk, and data is read using a microscope and a polarizer.
The technology was first demonstrated in 2013, but then scientists could fit on the disc the test file only of 300 kilobits. Over the past three years technology could greatly improve. The researchers have already recorded to disk “Declaration of Human Rights”, “Optics” Newton, the Magna Carta, and the King James Bible.Future technology 5D-drives store data on billions of years
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