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3D-press of metal: technology of the future

3D-press of metal: technology of the future

At that time, as many designers and engineers are actively using the 3D-press of plastic and polymeric materials, production of parts and metal parts using the same technology in recent years has gained a lot of popularity and repeatedly shows a very impressive result.
In fact, 3D-press of metal – this is a simplified term for production processes based on metallic impurities. Unlike traditional methods of manufacturing metal parts, 3D-printing creates objects layer by layer, fusing plating material by means of laser radiation.
In combination with the powerful tools of modern design, this type of production allows you to create any design, even the most complex shapes, many of which are stronger and lighter than analogues produced in the traditional way.
NASA and SpaceX,a leaders in space exploration, often resort to 3D-printing in the production of missile parts of the vessel, which can significantly reduce costs and increase system performance. SpaceX, for example, produces so metal parts for engine combustion chamber SpaceX SuperDraco.Future technology 3D-press of metal: technology of the future

Aerospace industry is very willing to use metal printing technology because they can significantly reduce the overall weight of the aircraft. Thus, the industrial giant Boeing has produced more than 20,000 aircraft parts manufactured in this way.
Not only designers and engineers, but and surgeons use the services of 3D-printing. To date, the highest point of the successful application of this method is to create implants skull and chest – they were both designed and manufactured custom-made with a digital scanning for cancer patients after surgery to remove the tumor.
Unfortunately, technology 3D-printing metal is not sufficiently developed to produce industrial revolution. However, the manufacture of complex, high-precision products, produced in limited quantities – this a market that is ideal for the implementation and further development of this unique technology. Future technology 3D-press of metal: technology of the future Future technology 3D-press of metal: technology of the future
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