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3 Coolest Innovative Tablet Concepts We Wish Were Real

3 Coolest Innovative Tablet Concepts We Wish Were Real

The tech industry has built tablets since 2002, but it’s only in the last four years that they’ve sold a large number of devices that exceeds the sales of personal computer. In fact, an estimated 285 million tabs were manufactured this year — almost the same quantity as desktops and notebooks combined.
While different manufacturers continue to present us with their most innovative design, an interesting phenomenon happened – designers and fans are eager to make mock-ups of how they want tablets to look in the near future. Their designs vary and they aren’t short on ideas in coming up with some of the odd looking and compelling concepts that have outstanding features from transparent screen to self-charging tablets.
In this post, you may take a glance at these futuristic concept designs that we wish will come to life soon on the tablet arena.

Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia Phablet 1025

1. HTC Aurora Concept
In our recent post, we’ve presented a concept of the fully transparent tablet computer that is inspired by the iPad. This HTC Aurora Android tablet concept by davinci1993 of DeviantArt looks a lot like the design of the original iPad but it’s been remodeled with a slightly larger screen (10.1-inch), a 5-megapixel camera, Android 3.0 operating system, and 4G connectivity.
The different aspect about the Aurora is its 4:3 screen aspect ratio unlike other common Android tablets, which have the 16:9 shape.
2. Ecopad
The Ecopad concept by Yonggu Do, Jun-Se Kim, and Eun-Ha Seo is a self-charging tablet. It is made out of wood-like material that has no charging port. Instead, designers envisaged this tablet-and-case set to use nano piezoelectricity film, which would generate energy to keep the tablet working every time the user touches or presses the screen.
Most of the tablets on the market today can last up to 10 hours of continuous usage. With limited power, the designers made the Ecopad not dependent on any adaptor, but it charges automatically by using your device more. It combined the advantages of intuitive multi-touch operation with the precision of a pressure-sensitive pen.
3. MPad
Just like the Samsung Tab Flex that is equipped with a flexible OLED-display, MPad also used the same screen technology in its 15.6-inch body The concept is a brainchild of Volker Hübner who said that this device is meant and optimized for professional designers. It is integrated with essential keyboard commands that are arranged next to its display.
Moreover, it has nine fixed buttons, two programmable buttons rockers with e-ink display, and 24 shortcuts for every software application. It also includes a scroll wheel that has a gesture control and a 3D space mouse. Left-handers need not to worry, as the board can be rotated in 180 degrees. Indeed, it is a monstrous, futuristic tablet.
Few of these concept designs may still be too futuristic for our world, however, they provide an insightful and creative ideas on how we foresee the future to be. But, as the mobile market becomes more competitive for tech companies, one of them needs to step up and come up with a revolutionary tablet similar to the above designed we’ve mentioned. How do you expect the future tablets to look in the near future?

Author – Lily Sommers Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia Phablet 1025 Future technology Concept Nokia Lumia Phablet 1025

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