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Concept the clever bottle

Blufit - a very interesting project. Smart water bottle that helps you stay healthy by working with your phone to make sure you drink enough water. It is a water tank with multiple sensors. When you connect to your phone, you will learn how much water do you drink per day. Information about the temperature and humidity can regulate the daily fluid intake. Blufit executed in a safe plastic case, in...

3D-printer and tech printed clothing

Designer, armed with 3D-printer began to create various items of clothing. The designer immediately rejected the idea of ​​forming universal accessories and is engaged in manufacturing only individual things, given the anatomical features of the future owners. But that has not stopped design idea. The solid material can give clothes and aesthetics, and functionality.  For example, in his ...

Open Concept Rolls-Royce Eidolon sample 2030

Man's passion for expensive things is deep-rooted. It does not depend on the policy , nor of the technology. But,themselves luxuries over time can vary considerably. The author of the concept Rolls-Royce Eidolon wondered about how it may be premium car in 2030. Not surprisingly, the starting point was taken the famous British brand . Car Rolls-Royce Eidolon known for its unique design, the wheel...

Concept of capsule Mercedes-Benz

One of the hottest brands on the market - electric vehicles . They are designed somewhat differently than traditional machines, and it's a good reason to radically change their a design. Another trend in the near future-the unmanned vehicles, and this is also a good reason to change their a appearance. These ideas formed the basis of the concept of an electric Mercedes-Benz. He is very different...

Concept a new type of sailing vessel

The Norwegian design firm Lade AS introduced the concept of a new type of ship, which moves with the wind. According to the creators, the ship Vindskip will have a high vertical body, which will to act as rigid sail. The effectiveness of the design is based on the principle of aerodynamic lift and using weather data. The vessel will be able to chart a course, using the wind with maximum efficiency...

Interactive the game interface STEM of future

Here submitted the new game interface, which will allow to better interact with virtual worlds. The system supports the electromagnetic tracking technology movements on key points on the head, arms, and legs. Range is 2.5 meters. The project is open source and provides an SDK for developers. (more…)

Concept Bucket on solar energy

If you love the outdoors, then you know that the problem of warm water takes a long time. At first glance it is a simple bucket, but if you see him turn over a number of solar panels that collect energy from the sun during the day. This bucket works as a multi-functional tool. The stored energy can be used for charging the built-in lamp or for heat water.  A genius idea! (more…)

Interactive Kitchen Assistant

Humaleon system brings a new culinary experience for you in the kitchen. It uses a holographic system that helps and guides the user step by step through the process of cooking. In addition to the database of recipes and tutorials, the user can assess and share recipes with friends. (more…)

Linda-the first robot-nurse for nursing homes

A consortium of European engineers develop a new model of robots. They are called Linda and are designed for nurses in Austrian nursing home . It is also planned to use them as guards offices. These cute big-eyed robots are designed in such a way, that is easy to maneuver in areas,where are people,and not confronted with them and not bumping into the interior. By scanning the surrounding area , ...

Concept Clever kitchen hood

Nest - is a kitchen hood, which compensates for lack in size, using the smart design. Designer wanted to keep some type of organic inspiration in the kitchen both functional and aesthetic. Much smaller than the average kitchen exhaust fan, what Nest lacks in size it makes up for in smart functionality. Cooker hood is equipped with a smoke detector, which automatically includes ventilation and ther...