Monthly Archives : August 2013

Concept of the game console Google Nexus Orbit

The range of products Google Android is now very wide. Beyond the usual smartphones and tablet computers, the platform is running and on stationary devices. Google itself produces the device under its own brand , however,this again a smartphones and a tablets. Percentage the stationary toys here , too small. The designer named Joseph Dumary showed concept of a compact computer, whom is clearly l...

Concept the energy-saving elevator

Many people watching their weight, but it is sometimes difficult to work out or monitor the amount of calories in foods,not to gain overweight. The concept of energy-efficient elevators ½ offers an alternative solution where the elevator stops between floors. This not only reduces power consumption by reducing the number of stops, but also causes people to ascend or descend the stairs to get to t...

Concept Nokia Lumia Phablet 1025

Here presented a conceptual design for a new line of smartphone Lumia. The device has a thickness of 8 mm and 6-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1152 pixels. Runs on Windows Phone OS. Simple design but very attractive model! (more…)

Concept Fridge of the Future

The present day upright refrigeration units are not very effective in preserving food.  They cannot tell when your stored food is reaching expiration and often you need to deal with certain food items that create odor within the refrigerator because they turn bad! Concept of modular refrigeration system called the Future Connect. She replaces the upright rectangular design with a modular syst...

Delightful concept Apple iWatch

If you are lucky, in less than a month, Apple will introduce the debut of smart watch iWatch. Designers demonstrate a riot of imagination and constantly developing concepts of this toy. The next creation the Apple-style was concept iWatch. This concept was presented Italian artists of studio Ciccarese Design. Team of Italian professionals and IT engineers including designer Federico Ciccarese ha...

Concept electronic reader in the style of a paper book

Here is the concept of an electronic reader that mimics the look of a good old book. A cover connects the two displays. A cover represents a screen that allows you to customize its appearance on the taste of the user. (more…)

Concept of kitchen gadget

If submit the futuristic kitchen a appliances, that project "Food Hub" will give odds to any concept. The device is designed to work with foods that are in your home and how you use them. The device is also capable of storing individual diet for the whole family, the stock of recipes and can be synchronized with your smartphone to help while shopping. (more…)

Concept of a smartphone and a tablet computer

HTC has never been a leader in technological innovation, instead it vigilantly monitors the existing know-how and do not miss a single, sometimes even outperforming more advanced competitors. So could happen with flexible displays, if the prediction comes true, as set out in the concept of HTC 2. We are talking about a great hybrid of a smartphone and a tablet computer. The device is made in th...

Concept C3 – a single interface for the kitchen

Here is concept of interactive touch interface for managing all kitchen appliances. It gives us a glimpse of our kitchen in the near future in 2022. You do not just preparing food, and set the personal relationship with the kitchen.  And of cooking food process will be very exciting! Although we may have a different attitude to this, is not it? (more…)

Concept smart glove with a projector

Here futuristic concept of smart gloves. The device allows you to make calls, take pictures, and browse through the different content built-in projector. All functions are controlled by gestures. Perhaps something like the Hand-Tech glove might become possible in the distant future, but it is immediately not achievable given today’s technology levels. Still, the concept offers a glimpse of what ...