Monthly Archives : June 2012

Concept printer "Eclipse-dual"

Thanks to the concepts we understand that the shape of the printer may be different, such as round or angular. The project "Eclipse-dual" breaks the conventional rules. Concept by designer Han S. Hong combines the functions of the scanner and printer. Instead of having to hide the mechanism by stylish casing design allows the front to watch him work, thus emphasizing the functional aesth...

Concept device Just Flex It

Just Flex It device is lightweight and perfect for travelers who require both a phone and something a little more extensive. When using the bigger ‘tablet,’ the smaller screen shuts off to save power. Not only does it keep the user organized and in touch with friends and family, it also comes in a very stylish package that seems inspired by Apple’s own products. The device had to be used com...

Concept original folding bicycle

Designer Arvind M introduced the concept of a folding bike of unusual design. It is based on a circular frame, which is in the folded state holds a steering wheel, pedals and wheels, which allows for supercompactness. Very comfortable and attractive! (more…)

Concept Acer All-in-one PC

Acer officially announced the two computer class "all-in-one" in the original line of Aspire as a model 7600U and 5600U. Feature of the new products in addition to a thin sleek design is to use them as toppings software operating system, Windows 8, whose release is expected to come in the fall. (more…)

FLYM – Concept Acoustics thickness of 1 millimeter

Designers Studio designaffairs studio developed an interesting concept - the acoustics FLYM. The device is an ultra-compact speaker, made in a folding design, like origami. Thus, in listening to music, we get a full column of medium size, which can be folded and not even notice in your pocket. The thickness of the shell dynamics is only a quarter of a millimeter, perhaps, there uses a technology c...

Concept Kitchen InFold

Designers create functional and quite unusual at the same time, compact kitchen, designed for small apartments. Presented at the contest Electrolux Design Lab Competition concept kitchen InFold attracted no little attention as a modern interior. The developer of the concept of modular kitchen wall is Ciprian Frunzeanu. Kitchen InFold mounted to the wall, folded kitchen does not take much space. Wh...