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TouchFire: silicone screen-top keyboard for iPad

Along with Seattle product designer and mechanical engineer Brad Melmon, Steve Isaac has designed a transparent, flexible faux keyboard that lays on top of the iPad's virtual keyboard to give users the familiar feel of notebook-like raised keys. Made from transparent silicone, the TouchFire keyboard is placed flat on the iPad's screen and lines up with the tablet's virtual keyboard in landscape mo...

The Balance MCC: Micro-Climate Controller

The micro-climate controller targets personal heating/cooling around the home, office and dorm room. The Balance MCC will heat or cool the ambient temperature using a thermoelectric device (TED). This technology is most widely used in the high-end automotive chair industry and small scale fridge/cooler market. A TED is a heating and cooling element that uses the Peltier effect to create a heat flu...

Concept Modular mobile phone.

Modu is a mobile phone with modular features both in software and hardware.  The Modu Modular Mobile Phone concept  looks to remedy problem with an innovative idea that would allow users to fully-upgrade their phones as they please. The fully-customizable Modu mobile phone is made of three distinct parts that are fully separable. The LCD display that fronts the phone forms the first layer of the...