Monthly Archives : October 2011

The concept is very smart fridge.

This refrigerator keeps track of what lies on its shelves and, therefore, saves energy.  For starters, it has eyes! Yes two strategically placed pin cameras that keep a track of what is stored in each compartment, so that when you want an apple, you know exactly which door to open. Why all the fuss; to keep doors shut and conserve as much energy as possible. Also to make you look cool with a Jets...

Cocoon – storage unit by Mans Salomonsen

Cocoon this storage unit for fruits and vegetables in a modern kitchen. Cocoon is made of a clay that absorbs water from the cultivation. When it evaporates the storage is cooled down. In this organic shape you can grow spices and store fruits, which will give you both life and colour in the kitchen. Designer: Mans Salomonsen (more…)

Bodor Audio – Innovative Sound System

The sound Bodor Hungary made its debut on the London Design Festival with a high-end solution that includes an audio CD player, amplifier and speakers. The label was founded by Ferenc Bodor famous Hungarian, audio-district and decorator Fintas Csaba. The system is called “Presence” offers a unique musical experience that includes personal service. Designer: Csaba Finta (more…...

Very clean with no water!

It turns out that not always need water to wash the dishes. And not just wash and remove food debris in the most inaccessible places. Such a method and a device are. A waterless cleaning solution that uses magnetic microwaves to heat dipole molecules of food residue stuck on dishes. As the spinning head and flexible bristles remove the residue only these molecules are heated, so the dish stays col...