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Сoncept of gadget-Hi-Tech Computer!

How we love to dream, to invent the concept of the new devices. We would like to see the new computers were very small and were fully function. This is a concept of gadget, which make connecting with isq server and projecting the image on some plane surface. This concept is a clever one, which incorporates a transformative element and a remarkably innovative interface. When the cylindrical device ...

Electrolux cooking-unit – Stoov

Stoov is a cooking-unit which you can stick on to your cooking pots. The heating elements inside make it possible to heat up the whole pot. Set the temperature on to the touch screen and stoov does the rest. To power-up the stoov there is an adapter which can supply power for six stoov’s at the same time. The electromagnete makes it possible to stick it on to the sides. It can either be used und...

Handheld cordless and lightweight Vacuum cleaner!

You want to clean up is easy and fun? Then you can use The Orb-It. This Black & Decker Orb-It handheld vacuum features handle and nozzle that extend automatically. Available in 6 finishes, Orb-It runs for 8 minutes and has the fast-charging lithium ion battery. And this trendy cordless vacuum cleaner weighs under 800 grams, making it very easy to use. Orb-It is perfect for speedily cleaning ar...