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Intuos 4 – Innovative Tablet by STUCK

Handling, thiness, tactility and even the sound of pen on paper was essential for the close connection between artist and artwork. In order for technology to replace pen and paper, the Intuos 4 needed to be more craft and computing. To achieve this, the Intuos 4 needed a dead simple learning curve and interaction elements that were here when you needed it and gone when you don't. Even users famili...

Concept Candid Camera Sling Shot!

Very funny and unexpected hidden camera! She finds you by surprise and make your photo in the most cheerful and not very pleasant circumstances. The camera works like a slingshot. Shot, flash and all smiles. The hunt for the most curious pictures! Very interesting and fun!  (more…)

Fine Toaster

The playtime-inspired toaster was created by designer Choe Jeongju. Toasters have not had a makeover in eons, and although the old-fashion model has always gotten the job done in the past, adding a little more interest to an age-old design is commendable if it works well. This courteous contraption not only toasts your favorite bread in a blink of an eye, it also graciously tips it directly onto y...

Сoncept communication device Nokia Essence.

Nokia Essence is quite attention-grabbing and features a touch pad on the other side, which can be used to control many applications. This can be flexibly used as a remote control for different pieces of equipment or wireless touch pad while making presentations. This a future communication device named Nokia Essence. The concept will make good use of the internet and will work like computers that...

Electrolux Ribbon: Mobile Food Heater/Cooler

The Ribbon is a mobile device that users can wrap/drape around their food containers to cool or heat food without having to stick it in a microwave or a fridge. One of the 8 finalists at the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab competition, the Ribbon is an innovative new food heater/cooler concept by Enzo Kocak. The device comes with two separate planes for heating and cooling functions. The flexible, shap...

Concept Eco Cooking!

  This appliance is a unique combination of cooking and heating elements (as in microwave cooking) that focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of your activity whilst cooking efficiently. The Carbon Credits earned while cooking are stored in a card and can be redeemed or passed on as favors. (more…)

Concept A visual communication device Be2.

The world of new technologies opens up unlimited possibilities of communication. I want to hear not only relatives, but feel their presence when they are away. Be2 The project  deals in getting your loved ones closer to you by means of video conferencing. Designer has implemented all his technological know how in this superb creation. (more…)

VestelARC: portable projector

The handy gadget comes injected with basic computer functions like internet, communication and projection, to name a few. In the world of mobiles phones where people are always on the move, Deniz Albayrak has come up with an ingenious device named VestelARC that can be fed with a variety of information to eliminate the need of a projector or a sound system. VestelARC can be easily coupled with sma...

Electrolux Laptop Kitchen Concept

Electrolux Mobile Kitchen uses induction cooking technology and has 4 induction rings in different sizes to save extra energy depending on what you’re cooking and the size of the pan you need. It’s portability is defined by user needs, whether is outdoor camping or home preparing delicious meals. Inspired by notebook computers, Electrolux Mobile Kitchen has futuristic design and form that allo...

Proactive Memory Pod by Francesco Marcellino

Proactive Memory Pod is an innovative device able to smartly manage, exchange and archive its owner’s digital information, acting as a connection centre between user, real world and digital world, between atom and bits. The device acts as a content aggregator and as added physical tool for their control. Designer: Francesco Marcellino (more…)