Monthly Archives : June 2011

Innovative Wave Washing Concept "Electrolux"

The aim of Wave washing is to optimize water and detergent consumption according to the contamination of the laundry. It controls the functions of your washing machine with the remote sensors reducing the washing load of your machine. This wave washer works in synchronization with your washing machine reducing the amount of water and detergent consumption and providing a better quality laundry was...

Foliage air conditioner: green future

A significant part of worldwide pollution comprises of indoor pollution created by myriad detrimental elements such as radons, molds (including other allergens), volatile organic components and even asbestos fibers. This device constitutes an organic foliage shaped system integrated with an air conditioning and cleaning device. With the help of solar power generated from sunlight, the ‘foliage o...

New five finger mouse – Amenbo concept!

Double Research & Development Co. has developed a five finger input device for complete hand recognition. Called "amenbo". This new five finger mouse has the capability of tracking each and every minute movements of fingers and thumbs along with the capacity to recognize the pressures exerted on mouse by fingers and sending the same to the computer.  (more…)

Remove printer ink from paper

Usually  we use the printer for  printout. But today, thanks to the ideas of the designer Kim Su Yeon printer may have a new function. This idea consists in removing ink from printed paper.So, this concept allows us to reuse paper. What do you think? (more…)

A novel concept for the elderly Quey Phone!

The older generation and new technologies Is very difficult to reconcile. Simple and intuitive interface, large screen and convenient buttons. All this is in Quey Phone: A novel concept for the elderly. The phone has given multifunctional keys a miss, a source of high confusion. All the keys are placed in a spacious manner, which will offer easy usage just like a QWERTY keypad. (more…)

Concept Smart toothbrush and mirror !

Your teeth want to live long. You want your teeth remain healthy and strong. How  this do? There is an incredible concept smart new toothbrush and a mirror. The sensors of the smart toothbrush scan and send information to the attached mirror that shows you the process on screen. So, you can track information as you brush and ensure that you clean all critical areas , prone to  accumulating plaqu...

Concept mobile phone P-Per!

Very good concept mobile phone. The Chocolate Agency released this a concept. A mobile phone is composed of four thin layers, a circuit board, lycarbonate, titanium, and one that is a wrap-around LED touch screen. It’s the wrap-around screen that gives the manufacturer endless options for user choices  (more…)

Rotary Mechanical Smartphone – Digital Future

Settling the Digital v/s Mechanical brawl with his Rotary Mechanical Smartphone, engineer Richard Clarkson gives us a smartphone which is so unequivocally discernible which the aura speaks for itself! Electroplated copper with a cloak of paint completes the body-job. Stalling the ‘digital-take-over’, the phone facilities dual transmutable coronet dials, a loyal rotary dial and a symbol dial. ...

Innovative Camera Concept "Oneshot"

See your handiwork by uploading the pictures on the computer using the mini-usb.Face recognition software and light measuring software manage the show and biggest thing of all…there is no display! Oneshot Camera has more tricks up its sleeves: it needs a good shake to produce its own power (through piezoelectricity), no confusing buttons, just click pictures like how you click a ballpoint pen. ...

The WALL Kitchen – this kitchenModular concept!

You go into the kitchen and see only an interesting wall and empty space. Totally functional kitchen  appears out of nowhere; using a remote control. A single touch on the wall and cupboards / fridge / oven appear. After closing, again, is only a wall. A truly innovative kitchen, that opens up when you needed and hides to become a wall when not in use.  This kitchenModular. A wall-mounted kitch...