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Kitchens of the future

Enter the high-tech, futuristic SieMatic Grid S2 multimedia cabinet, which looks to be a great addition to our kitchens of the future . The handleless multimedia cabinet boasts a graphical user interface (GUI) that brings high-end entertainment right into your kitchen. The SieMatic Grid S2 brings with it internet access, an iPod dock, DVD, TV and radio entertainment. The cabinet also works with th...

Latest innovation in TV

The CLARO represents the latest innovation in TV and display technology combined with a visual design  aesthetic to introduce the TV system of the future - a transparent glass TV and media system utilising holographic technology.The Holoscreen is a revolutionary holographic film which displays any image fed through a projector at a specific angle on to a  transparent display. All other light is ...

Future of Cell Phones

This mobile phone is completely flexible due to the technology behind it... it uses a graphene touch screne being graphene based makes it essentially indestrucable the battery has been created by NEC which is an organic radical secondary battery it's slim, felxible and has a high-speed charge which is it's key feature of only taking 30 seconds to mantain a full charge. the phone is also waterproof...