Monthly Archives : January 2011

A Vision for our Future

FLOWLIGHT is a conceptual vision of how Waterford City and other quayside cities and towns could illuminate their quaysides in an innovative and unique way in the future. FLOWLIGHT is a renewable energy product, which sources its energy from the flow of a tidal river to create a quayside street lighting product. The River Suir has thousands of litres of water flowing up and down river, passing our...

Shot Laser Watch

This Invisible Shot Laser Watch is designed by Andy Kurovets. It looks like a normal bracelet but when you press a discreet button and laser light will reflects the time on your wrist. It’s definitely a watch for the night. (more…)

Digital measuring cup SmartMeasure

The SmartMeasure digital measuring cup is the functional combination of a digital scale and a measuring cup.  Designed with everyone in mind, an easy to read back lit LCD provides real time measurements taking the guesswork and eyestrain out of measuring. Simple intuitive controls allow the user to navigate through numerous preset ingredients and convert between the most common units.  Smartm...

Future Photography in a really Small Lens.

The Funamizu is back with another concept. The idea revolves around a lens system that is totally self contained with everything needed to take SLR quality photos. It wirelessly transmits the images to a hub device – in this case, a transparent screen. (more…)

The phone of the future

A contemporary mobile phone must maintain such functions, as: mobility, constant Internet access, access to the documents, games and to give the best possibilities and means of communication and contact. A new generation mobile phone “Mobile script” gives all these possibilities! It has two touch screen (small and large), which provide the best access  to information and provide a wide fie...

Breacelet phone

The flexible cell phone can be worn as a bracelet around your wrist, which makes it part-jewellery, but what makes this simple gadget so interesting is its green feature. The phone has a panel of solar cells on its back which create enough energy to keep the phone running. Just wear the breacelet phone and walk out into the sun to charge your phone. Designers: Seungkyun Woo & Junyi Heo ...

FiiL cellphone, Touchscreen Interface Concept!

Touchscreen interface offering great flexibility to mobile users has just brought about a revolution in the cellphone industry. After touchscreen, now Tangible User Interface (TUI) allowing users to interact with digital information through the physical environment could well be the next big thing, though in a couple of decades, in the mobile phone market. In an attempt to give physical form to di...

Tubular kitchen!

From a wiring to cook-tops, today’s complicated kitchen comes included with flattering hi-tech things to have in progress a cherishing experience. Well, time to check out a cold rolling kitchen! The Tubular kitchen by Diana Dumitrescu is a countertop that’s done up of sold material, morphologically changed by electromagnetism. You simply need to give commands as well as it cleans up a disaster...

Kure Dining pod

The Kure table can be closed as a sphere (looks like a egg) when not in use. It is designed like a flower that opens up to a full-fledged dining table. The table with sphere lighting rises from the center of the table and the the base glows with blue light. A great concept!! I'm keepin' my fingers crossed (more…)

Phone Concept Trypoxy !

There is a new concept phone from Miyazawa Tetsu and Ichimura Shigenori called Typoxy Phone. Typoxy Phone is combine the look of a smooth pebble for the ultimate web browsing experience, an intuitive touchscreen, and a hand-hold that actually extends from the back of the device. (more…)