Concept the invisible umbrella

Future technology Concept the invisible umbrella

Historians estimate that umbrella from the rain was invented about 3,000 years ago, and since then, the design has hardly changed. However, the inventors decided to radically change the concept of the modern umbrella, developing a device that will protect you from the rain "force field" out of thin air.The technology umbrella is built on an of air circulation. Device force sucks air through the o...

Microsoft Sport Smartwatch Concept

Future technology Microsoft Sport Smartwatch Concept

Designer  create impressive concepts that look really beautiful. The so-called Microsoft Sport Smartwatch concept is based on the existing rumors and comes with a really appealing design that could also allow it to be used as a fitness band.As you can see for yourselves, the concept adopts a really slim design for the smartwatch in order to be in line with some leaks pointing to a fitness ban...

Concept Power Of The Sunflower

Future technology Concept Power Of The Sunflower

Look at the concept of Power Of The Sunflower. It  refine present iterations and take them to the next level by adding extra layer of innovation. The Powerflower takes on the typical sunflower as solar power hub and what makes it innovative is that like the flower, this mechanical version follows the sun. Simple, clean design with an edge! Great decision! (more…)

Concept the flying car

Future technology Concept the flying car

It seems,that the world of modern vehicles to expect a revolution. Ordinary cars are replaced by hybrids and electric cars, and even try to up in the air.The concept of flying machines - like those worn in the sky in the movie "Back to the Future 2" - develop for decades. However, until now there is not really an impressive specimen, ready for everyday use.What's the problem? It is believed that e...

Concept Portal is a flexible smartphone,that you strap to your arm

Future technology Concept Portal is a flexible smartphone,that you strap to your arm

Wearables are all the rage. Their main purpose is to provide a lot of the same functionality that a smartphone has, but with a bigger convenience factor. It makes one think, “Why not just wear your smartphone on your wrist?”. Smartwatches are bringing much of the functionality of our smartphones to our wrists, making it easier to check notifications and even perform a variety of actions. But t...

Concept is very the beautiful smartphone Bella

Future technology Concept is very the beautiful smartphone Bella

Manufacturers modern smartphones try to adhere to  preselected corporate design of their devices, and as a result the output is very the boring monotony. Yes, appearance mobile phone can find its brand, but the consumer from this brand not wins. Conceptual smartphone called Bella designer considers "the most beautiful phone", and this can hardly be doubted, a mobile phone really turned very a...

Concept Space elevator,which will be built by 2050

Future technology Concept Space elevator,which  will be built by 2050

Science fiction becomes reality. The Japanese company Obayashi has declared its readiness to build the space functioning elevator by 2050. This idea, if successful, will revolutionize space travel and revolutionize the world economy.ABC News Agency reported that the Japanese construction giant Obayashi is working on the space elevator,a total length 96,000 kilometers into space. Robotic cars for m...

Concept Public Transport System for 2030

Future technology Concept Public Transport System for 2030

The concept is a hybrid of public and private transportation providing quick access built with existing infrastructure with minimal space and time. The design addresses the shortcomings of Flyovers and metros (robust structures owing to dead weight) which would require high consumption of raw materials, construction time, and money. The future vision consists of pre built structures which would mi...

Concept Apple iBeats Phone

Future technology Concept Apple iBeats Phone

For those who love music designer Faisal Semari proposed conceptual smartphone iBeats background with an unique teardrop design and music features. This is not just a regular iPhone with Beats acoustics, but much more. It’s simply a music phone for people who love to enjoy quality acoustics and adore music. It should be a very loud handset, also small and comfy to use. It resembles a computer mo...

Concept Driving Jewelry, fashion accessory on wheels

Future technology Concept Driving Jewelry, fashion accessory on wheels

When a person wants to demonstrate to others status, than he differs from them, sometimes he chooses for this all kinds of accessories premium. Such accessories lot,including this may be a mobile phone or a smart watch. In new concept Driving Jewelry the fashionable status accessories becomes personal vehicle.As you might guess from the name, the designer has decided to turn the car into a kind pi...