Concept HP Sprout is a physical-to-virtual PC

Future technology Concept HP Sprout is a physical-to-virtual PC

HP offers a new concept of PC control - instead of the usual keyboard and mouse in its new design uses only the touch panel. The idea is not new, but Sprout PC was the first PC on the market, equipped with not only a touch screen with a diagonal of 23, but also an interactive touch pad,which used in place of a keyboard. For display information on the mat, the computer is equipped with a projector....

Oppo R5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world

Future technology Oppo R5 is the thinnest smartphone in the world

Manufacturers mobile phones conspired. Only recently became aware of the mysterious novelty Vivo, which can boast of housing, the thickness of which does not exceed 3.8 mm.But the information about it is not official. Even if the device exists, it will still be in development. Therefore, he one hundred percent, "the thinnest in the world" can not be considered.Who then leader of this indicator?It ...

Innovative ball-sensor lets win insomnia

Future technology Innovative ball-sensor lets win insomnia

The developers of the company Hello (San Francisco, USA) presented a device Sense, which will allow people to wake up rested and in good spirits. Insomnia and sleep deprivation were among of persistent problems of modern man, but to cope with them will now be easier. Enough to place in the bedroom the glowing ball touch, that controls the microclimate in the room, watching the phases of sleep a pe...

Smartphone my dreams : Concept HTC One Bloom 3 – star of punk rock with Android 5.0

Future trchnology Concept HTC One Bloom 3 - star of punk rock with Android 5.0

Designer Hasan Kaymak continues to make high-quality and interesting concept. Today Hassan published another concept, this time talking about the smartphone HTC One Bloom 3. It is obvious that this project has no relation to existing devices the Taiwanese manufacturer, however, here present the characteristic design chips HTC. At first glance, HTC One Bloom 3 resembles the existing devices lineup&...

Concept of Microsoft Windows Watch with conveniently interface

Future technology Concept of Microsoft Windows Watch with conveniently interface

If Microsoft is indeed conceived to issue smart watches under its own brand, they obviously get an interface resembling "live tiles" that we see on the desktop and tablet Windows, and on Windows Phone.  Danish designer  introduced the concept of smart watches Microsoft Windows Watch.In fact, Microsoft Windows Watch is concept interface for smart hours, than the actual concept gadget. Her...

Concept Flexible bracelet,charging gadgets of warmth of the human body

Future technology Concept Flexible bracelet,charging gadgets of warmth of the human body

The human body is crowded the energy potential, which, according to experts, is used inefficiently. Korean developers decided to use body heat to charge gadgets and created for this purpose a special bracelet.Glass Fabric - flexible bracelet, developed by the Korea Institute of Science and Technology KAIST. It absorbs the heat of the human body and converts it into electricity. According to the cr...

Concept "Smart" car mirror

Future technology Concept Smart car mirror

The number of "smart" gadgets for vehicles exceed the highest expectations of science fiction of the past. Literally every day there are new developments designed to make life easier for motorists. The developers of the Pioneer created rearview mirror with built-in navigation. Mirror function are not limited to.Pioneer Telematics Unit - car rearview mirror with integrated telematics. Built in the ...

Concept the invisible umbrella

Future technology Concept the invisible umbrella

Historians estimate that umbrella from the rain was invented about 3,000 years ago, and since then, the design has hardly changed. However, the inventors decided to radically change the concept of the modern umbrella, developing a device that will protect you from the rain "force field" out of thin air.The technology umbrella is built on an of air circulation. Device force sucks air through the o...

Microsoft Sport Smartwatch Concept

Future technology Microsoft Sport Smartwatch Concept

Designer  create impressive concepts that look really beautiful. The so-called Microsoft Sport Smartwatch concept is based on the existing rumors and comes with a really appealing design that could also allow it to be used as a fitness band.As you can see for yourselves, the concept adopts a really slim design for the smartwatch in order to be in line with some leaks pointing to a fitness ban...

Concept Power Of The Sunflower

Future technology Concept Power Of The Sunflower

Look at the concept of Power Of The Sunflower. It  refine present iterations and take them to the next level by adding extra layer of innovation. The Powerflower takes on the typical sunflower as solar power hub and what makes it innovative is that like the flower, this mechanical version follows the sun. Simple, clean design with an edge! Great decision! (more…)