Concept Fully Curved Phone Microsoft Lumia 888

Future technology Concept Fully Curved Phone Microsoft Lumia 888

This concept vision for a Microsoft Lumia 888. It has a polycarbonate body, rubber reverse, and is fully curved. However, rather than the handset curving gently at the top and bottom or on the sides of the display, these one has extreme curvature that looks as though it would affect portability and would snag in pockets or bags.It looks as though it cannot be laid flat, which many people might not...

Concept of running shoes,printed on 3D-printer

Future technology Concept of running shoes,printed on 3D-printer

Following in the footsteps of sports rival Adidas, New Balance US company introduced its first running shoe printed on 3D-printer. Footwear was created in cooperation with the manufacturer of 3D Systems, which known issue the appropriate equipment and accessories. In sneakers only printed sole,created from a specially developed elastomer powder. As stated by New Balance, the resulting material has...

Concept FLYTE – levitating lamp

Future technology Concept FLYTE - levitating lamp

What you can come up with new with such a seemingly simple thing, like a light bulb. However, a group of engineers and enthusiasts still find something to surprise, making this a simple thing to work without wires and in addition to this - fly.This may sound unrealistic, but there is a light bulb that can work up to 22 years,  receiving energy from the surrounding air. If that may seem small,...

Concept three versions New Google Glass

Future technology Concept three versions New Google Glass

At the time of the announcement of Google Glass glasses have caused a stir among the public. Gradually, however, he fell - Tests have shown that the gadget has a number of serious shortcomings.As a result, the project was closed and the successful achievements moved to Project Aura. As part of this initiative created more convenient portable device.As became learned,that the company Project Aura c...

Concept of the smartphone HTC

Future technology Concept of the smartphone HTC

Despite the barrage of criticism, disgruntled reviews and falling sales, HTC can not refuse from the usual corporate design for its smartphones. What is the cause is unknown. Maybe the manufacturer does not want to invest because of lack of funds and the work of designers, and maybe the reason is different. Designer offered his version of a smartphone HTC. The conceptual model is equipped with a r...

Concept the original camera

Future technology Concept the original camera

In today's world the art of photography has become so public that seems to be starting to lose its magic. In an environment where anyone can make hundreds of pictures a day and then post them online, find a truly original frame is becoming increasingly difficult. Especially when it comes to photos and other capitals tourist attractions. In the struggle for originality, ally becomes the unusual cam...