Concept of robot hologram

Future technology Concept of robot hologram

Agree, very nice to go home, when you know, that you are there someone waiting. Most people give birth for purposes such pets. In *extremely severe cases* - a family with children. You come home, and you are happy. But in Japan not do in a simple way, without high tech. So the advanced Japanese, crossing the threshold. meet with robot-hologram. And the nice girl in combination.The Japanese are kno...

Innovative Candles of the new generation

Future technology Innovative Candles of the new generation

Once upon a time the candles were the main and indispensable companion of the night life of our ancestors. In their the dim light can reading, write poetry, do a declaration of love. Today, the once invaluable helpers of wax used, rather, to create a romantic atmosphere, or in the case of a power outage. But modern designers have decided to combine the past and present of candles feature. And fina...

Benefits of Professional Web Design


You want every aspect of your business to be professional. You're dedicated to knowing your industry and to producing the best product possible. That's why it makes sense to choose a professional web site design company to create an online impression that reflects your values. Sure, you could use a template and create it yourself. However, unless you know a great deal about web design principles a...

Concept Nokia FIT – ring for calls and messages

Future technology Concept Nokia FIT - ring for calls and messages

One of the biggest problems of modern mobile phones and smartphones is their size. It is certainly, the big screen is very good, play games or read all sorts of information is convenient, but when it concerns where to put the device, pockets sag and create some discomfort when walking.According to the author of the concept, Nokia FIT ring phone is designed for easy acceptance / fulfillment calls a...

Concept New iPhone with swivel screen

Future technology Concept New iPhone with swivel screen

One of the main "shortcomings" of smartphones is the same type of design. If you look at the shelves where there are electronic gadgets, the eye does not cling to something unusual, mostly devoid of personality phones. However, in the crowd similar phones iPhone 6 Xtreme has managed to attract the attention of lovers of eccentricity.Student University of Technology in China presented his vision of...

Soaring in the air bonsai trees

Future technology Soaring in the air bonsai trees

Something great and the fascinating offered Japanese startup The Hoshichu Team. Great levitating in the style of bonsai plants overshadows all inventions, in one fell swoop. The invention is based on the principle of magnetic levitation, as in the floating light bulb Flyte. The invention, called Air Bonsai, consists of ceramic coasters "energy base" and the pot "little star" with the plant. In bot...