Concept the electric car Chevrolet FNR

Future technology Concept the electric car Chevrolet FNR

Welcome to the future. General Motors Corp. has decided to dream up on the car of the future and introduced the concept of the autonomous electric Chevrolet-FNR. Amazing electric car. The main feature of a car - a very unusual look.Car looks really fantastic. Technical capabilities are also impressive. The pure laser beams,doors,that rise up in the style of a dragonfly and a bunch of sensors, incl...

Concept kitchen of future

Future technology Concept kitchen of future

The kitchen of the future will have a smart surface that recognizes all that is put on it. Above the table is a projector,that projects onto the work surface recipes and tips on cooking. So,according to designers Ikea and Ideo, a kitchen will look in 2025. Smart surface knows,that you will prepare and can be used as plates, cutting board, dining table or interactive screen for gaming. Projectors a...

Concept the "vertical city" of future In the Sahara

Future technology Concepy the vertical city of future In the Sahara

Ambitious project invented the French architects. Two Parisian firm - Nicolas Laisne Associes and OXO Architectes - want to lay in desert a city.But,not normal, and the vertical. In a the futuristic multifunctional tower. A city. offered build in the Sahara. Choosing a location is not accidental. Here, the complex will have access to a variety of renewable energy sources (geothermal, solar, atmosp...

Concept Electric supercar Toroidion 1MW

Future technology Concept Electric supercar Toroidion 1MW

Several months ago - in February 2015 - the company Toroidion announced the creation of high-powered electric vehicle. Or rather - this supercar called 1MW.Some time a developers from Finland hide the appearance of the project. It was only known,that novelty have 1341 horsepower (thanks to the power plant 1 MW).Now design - not a secret. The creators demonstrated the machine on exhibition Top Marq...

Concept smartphone BlackBerry Oslo with square screen

Future technology Concept smartphone BlackBerry Oslo with square screen

The company BlackBerry, rumored to be working on a new smartphone called Oslo, who receive the non-standard form. Like and recently published flagship Passport, new Oslo will be completely the square.BlackBerry Oslo indeed both in appearance and in specifications,similar to the BlackBerry Passport, but with some improvements. Its technical features include a touch screen the square shape 1440 x 14...

Japanese magnetic levitation train has a top speed 589 km / h

Future technology Japanese magnetic levitation train has a top speed 589 km  h

Japanese magnetic levitation train this week established new speed record. This was reported by the railway company Central Japan Railway, share that train of seven carriages completed a test run on the experimental railroad tracks located in the Japanese prefecture of Yamanashi. The train was able to accelerate to 590 kilometers per hour.During the test run train on board are 29 engineers. But ap...

A faucet Arc is a shield around the water

Future technology A faucet Arc is a shield around the water

A faucet for drinking water should certainly different by the kitchen or bathroom. Because that is where ‘clean drinking water’ comes out. Designer takes an avant-garde design approach to create a truly unique faucet, bespoke for drinking.Therefore, the Arc has been designed to bring a new experience about clean drinking water to our daily lives. It dispenses purified clean drinking water thro...

Concept Apple Watch 2

Future technology Concept Apple Watch 2

The first generation of Apple Watch «apple" designers have decided to present with rectangular display. Many were dissatisfied appearance of Apple Watch and most issues caused by the shape of the gadget. Watches were rectangular. The British designer a Hass T has created the circular concept version of the gadget, which, in his opinion, looks much more advantageous.The device has a large round di...

Concept Pen with integrated protractor

Future technology Concept Pen with integrated protractor

Pro Pen - it’s concept pen which have a integrated protractor on the its  cap. Half of the cap is rotatable with some degree lines, you can adjust the cap per line if you want to measure anything, the folding clip offers more accuracy on measuring. Made of plastic and aluminum, this concept pen is easy to use and operates smoothly. (more…)

Concept 4K display for smartphones

Future technology Concept 4K display for smartphones

Japanese company Sharp has announced a 5.5-inch display resolution Ultra-HD (4K, 2160 x 3840 pixels). According to the manufacturer,this the world's first such display for smartphones. Mass production a development is scheduled in 2016. The display panel manufactured according to conventional technology IGZO RGB-matrix, which lack of potential problems with sub-pixel rendering. The pixel density o...