Сoncept the large and very powerful Apple iPad pro

Future technology Сoncept the large and very powerful Apple iPad pro

Samsung has opened a new format of the modern tablet computer, releasing a series of devices Galaxy Tab Pro. It is possible, that and Apple follow his Korean rival. The large "apple" tablet will be called iPad pro. Toy promises to be a very attractive proposition, which confirms a new concept.Concept Apple iPad pro was designed by studio Ramotion, a kind of hybrid laptop MacBook Pro and iPad air. ...

Concept Bike Washing Machine

Future technology Concept Bike Washing Machine

Bike-powered washing machines aren't a new idea. It's fairly simple -- an exercise bike collects energy as the person pedals, and the charging battery then powers the washing machine. Supposedly 20 minutes of work is enough to wash one load of clothes on cold cycle. The idea of using human power to get off grid even a little bit is tempting -- and of course gyms are becoming quick to harness the p...

Concept the pitch of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 2020

Future technology Concept the pitch of the smartphone Nokia Lumia 2020

In the high-tech world is changing all so rapidly, that it is difficult to anticipate events at least a year or two. However, the French designer it has not stopped, with all the courage he demonstrated the concept of a smartphone Nokia Lumia, already dated 2020. By the way, this concept won on the design competition, organized by the Finnish manufacturer.Smartphone boasts appearance in style the ...

Concept skipping rope, changes color

Future technology Concept skipping rope, changes color

Keep yourself in good shape is not so easy, especially if there is no motivation. Comply with sports mode is in dynamic time, as ours can only very disciplined people. On the other care designers, who created the rope that the closer to the coveted number of jumps, exhibited individually , changes color from green to red , which acts as a positive factor.At first glance, the rope is not of interes...

Carousel with an alternative source of energy

Future technology Carousel with an alternative source of energy

It draft of the Energy Carousel with LED backlight, which recharges the battery during its rotation.Energy Carousel from the company Ecosistema Urbano - indeed, a unique device that combines play and learning for children of different ages. All the efforts made by guests carousel converted into kinetic energy, which used to power the " the light scenario".  As the developers say - the mechani...

Domi Concept Vehicle

Future technology Domi Concept Vehicle

The Domi Concept Vehicle  is a wonderful concept that bundles in the possibility of both auto drive and manual drive. The Domi features a nice interior cabin that can be used as a workspace, a resting or a living room place or a complete bed where the person inside the car can simply fall asleep while the concept vehicle can auto drive to its destination using a combination of smart road sign...

Concept Tree – Fresh Water Collector

Future technology Concept Tree – Fresh Water Collector

Designed for use in tropical desert areas of Africa and the Americas. Fresh and drinkable water here can be safely called as a luxury! Temperatures in those areas show erratic swings between day and night, making it almost impossible for natives of those areas to get a steady source of drinking water. Hope Tree is a large tree-shaped device that absorbs moisture from the air to supply drinking wat...

The world’s first truly curved smartphone

Future technology The world's first truly curved smartphone

LG has launched the world's first truly curved smartphone, which she called G Flex. He has no analogues in any country in the world, and even candy bar Samsung Galaxy Round, also allegedly curved case and display, unable to compete with him.This version of the smartphone has a unique body color with a metallic shade, which praised as men who have vehicles with slim design and the fair sex, loving ...

Concept of the herbal printer

Future technology Concept of the herbal printer

Herbal printer - is the concept of autonomous lawn mower, which is able to create drawings and inscriptions on your lawn. Here installed blades of various sizes, which are selectively mowing the grass, to recreate the sketch that you draw on its touch screen. To determine the size of the "canvas" used four sensors,which collocate on desired your section. The wonders of technology! (more…)

The world’s smallest computer mouse

Future technology The world's smallest computer mouse

Computer mouse - familiar to many, and is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable controllers. However , this device has disadvantages, for example, the need to work on a flat surface. In laptops its may replace the touchpad, trackpoint, but there are many other options. One of most compact can be called a device  ThumbTrack, formed in the shape of a ring for a finger. This new product is pos...